Deputation Missionaries

Contacting the church regarding meetings

One of the great joys CCBC has is meeting, supporting, and praying for those headed for or already working on the mission field.  Like most churches that support missions, CCBC is contacted frequently by deputation missionaries hoping to schedule meetings to present their work.  Because of the number of missionary contacts the church gets each week, CCBC has designed a system to make contacting the pastor as efficient as possible for the missionary and the pastor.

If you are interested in contacting the church regarding a meeting, please send your packet to Pastor Miles’ secretary via e-mail or regular mail (information posted below).  She will give this information to the pastor.  After the pastor has had time to review the packet (approximately two weeks), you may contact him.  This allows the pastor to have a better grasp of your work and goals.  Your cooperation in using this procedure to contact the church is greatly appreciated!

Church contact information

6202 Jefferson River Road, Athens, GA 30607


(706) 548-4233